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"We tell our kids to DREAM BIG and GO FOR IT, but tell adults to be 'realistic.' But being realistic is the way to mediocrity, while dreaming big - with the right tools and action - puts you on the path to freedom and fulfillment. This site gives you those tools and action strategies for two of life's BIGGEST DREAMS: (1) Experience the Ultimate Relationship With The Love of Your Life (2) Find Work You Love Where You Can Make A Great Impact and Income." -Aaron Bird (Ph.D.)


Aaron grew up in modest surroundings where his parents never made more than 20k a year, but filled him with much love and encouraged him to dream big. There's always another level and dream, no matter your age. What's your next big dream? 

As the founder of Designing Champions Coaching Academy, Aaron’s mission is to help you find work you love where you can make a great impact and income. His coaching program helps people experience their best years ever living their dreams. 

Aaron's an author, leading success coach, star and executive producer of the highly rated personal development and relationship series on YouTube, and holds a Ph.D. in Theology. He's one of the most requested motivational speakers, an influential online trainer, and Director of the CCF at the University of Illinois.

He grew up the son of a preacher who took him to a grade school VBS that forever changed his life - because it was there, in the 7th Grade, that his first big dream came true. He first saw (and gave his first kiss - which was a big fail!) to the girl of his dreams. Because finding the love of his life improved his life in practically every possible way, he also founded World-Class Couples Academy to help thousands of lives make their relationship dreams come true.

Learn more about the failed kiss that changed aaron's life forever: The Kiss

"Aaron's training helps me become my best self." 

-Mark Tyler Miller, Actor


"Aaron breathes inspiration. He pushes you to be the best possible version of you and I'm blessed to know him."

-Christina Frye, YMCA Group Fitness Manager/Instructor. National Body Attack & Cxworx presenter

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At whatever stage you're in, this is your path to make your relationship dreams come true. Your intimate relationship is the most important area of your life and affects everything else. To live life to the fullest, you must get this relationship thing right. Aaron and his wife enjoy their own ultimate relationship and have made their marriage a masterpiece. It all began with a failed kiss as seen here. Since then, he's coached thousands of singles, daters, engaged, and married couples to their own ultimate relationship. With a full relationship academy, he will get you there too. What would life be like in the ultimate relationship experience? 

For singles, dating, & married couples

Aaron's exciting new book on relationships. It's an inspiring tale to experience the ultimate relationship, find the love of your life, and make your marriage a masterpiece


For Singles

Find the love of your life and enter the ultimate relationship experience

Discover how to find the love of your life, date the person of your dreams, and experience the Ultimate Relationship.  World-Class Couples Academy for Singles does that for you and so much more. Stop playing the field and find the one. Now's your time.


For Married Couples

Make your marriage a masterpiece and flourish in the ultimate relationship

It's all right here in World-Class Couples Academy. Life is all about relationships, our intimate one the most important because it amplifies our emotional experience of life and affects everything else. The data is sobering: 50+% divorce, and another 40% don't have the kind of marriage they want their kids to have - leading to low energy, lackluster work performance, divided wealth, and regret. This program changes that for you and bulletproofs your marriage. Relationship expert, Dr. Aaron Bird, coaches you on communication, spiritual intimacy, parenting, finances, physical intimacy, and so much more. Stop minimizing the most important relationship. Now's your time to make your marriage a masterpiece. 


Total Relationship Package

Experience the ultimate relationship

Get the most comprehensive relationship training right here - from finding the Right Person to dating confidently to getting engaged and making marriage a masterpiece. You'll get the relationship blueprint to uniquely fit your situation so that you keep the chemistry fire burning, design your future together, and experience the marriage you've always longed for. Singles, Dating, Engaged, and Married training all rolled up into one program for life. 


Become Irresistibly Attractive within 30 Days

Everyone's looking for more in their life - more love, more money, more from their marriage, more business, more certainty, more friends, more attendance, more success, more sales, and more happiness. We don't get what we want, however, we get who we become. You attact more when you become more. You attract more of what you want when you become irresistibly attractive, which anyone can do with this free irresistibly attractive checklist.

Sometimes you are irresistibly attractive and, let's admit it, sometimes you aren't. What's the secret to becoming a consistent irresistibly attractive person? This checklist. Fun, easy-to-use, and powerful. Hang it up in your office, put it on your computer. Wherever. Doesn't matter if you're a man, woman, alien, business owner, religious, non-religious, coach, ceo, employee. It works. Get it now to transform into an irresistibly attractive person that attracts more of what matters most to you all the time. 



Aaron's programs and on-demand courses will help you find work you love with financial freedom - from wherever

Much of Aaron's career was helping University students and Alumni find work they love. The students didn't initially know what they wanted to do or were naive about debt would enslave them to a job they hate. Upon graduation, these alumni grew exhausted with the corporate world. They wanted to make a lot of money doing what they love and make their difference in the world, while also enjoying their family time and living a fulfilling life with no regrets.  Aaron's trusted Designing Champions Coaching and on-demand courses solve these problems for you. It's a new world and you can have it all (achievement and fulfillment). Move your life forward toward all that matters most to you today doing work you love from wherever with financial freedom.  

The 24-Hour Year

In 24 hours you can experience your Best Year Ever. Get breakthrough after breakthrough with the proven program packed with success strategies, blueprints and frameworks, and the practical performance to build greatness, maximize your potential, and become unstoppable in life. In the 24-hour year you’ll get equipped with the exact mindset and skills to achieve your best year ever every year in any life category - health, wealth, career, happiness, romance, legacy, family — at anytime. Use the 24-hour system to become financially free, crush your best-year-ever goals, do work you love from wherever, and live a life of fulfillment. 


100% Clarity

What's next for you? Aaron gives the most practical clarity strategies in the world right here. As a result, you'll experience a life of clarity only known to few. With clarity comes mental power, financial success, inner joy, daily results, life success, and the clarity for finding work you love.


Live Your Life Purpose

Designed to help you experience your best year ever, every year. Get the game-changing strategies, methods for faster results, and the road map to fulfillment and success in Live Your Life Purpose. Think 'purpose' is just abstract? Think again. From real-estate guru Dean Graziosi to world-servant Mother Theresa, from Presidents to Pastors, from New York Times best selling authors like Jack Canfield to multi-millionaire sales legend Grant Cardone, living their purpose is THE key to their massive success. Now it's your turn. Dr. Aaron Bird has put together the most actionable blueprint ever to live your purpose so that you can go 10x further in life and experience your best year ever - every year. 



In Dr. Bird's Designing Champions coaching program you achieve your dreams and experience your best year ever - every year. Guaranteed results or we halt the coaching. He has a big heart and passion for those who want to maximize their potential, and he will use his formal training to make sure you do just that. Who could you be with a Coach?

Designing Champions Coaching Program

This is your path to the top. 

Experience work you love from wherever. Live with financial freedom. Get in the best shape of your life. Achieve your dreams fast. Ask anyone at the top of their industry and they'll tell you they've invested more in coaches who invest in them than anything else. It's how you 10x your life and business, and where you breakthrough to high-growth, high-impact, and a high performance culture. In the Designing Champions program you get coached through the champions action blueprint and proven system to the total transformation and massive success for life at the top. Get Coached to live your dreams with someone who will get you there. Join the proven Designing Champions Coaching Program to maximize your potential and experience massive success this year. Spots are limited.


Find Your Life Purpose

This free download will help you go 10x further, 10x faster. You'll learn how millionaires, leaders, and champions use their Life Purpose to achieve massive success. Download this gift to find your Life Purpose and BIG WHYS so that you can do your Life's work with massive success.