The 24-Hour Year

What would life be like to experience Your Best Year Ever Every Year For Life? You can step into that life. Now can be your time. The worst any of us can do is to not live up to our true potential. We each get one shot at life and maximizing your potential is an ethical duty. Dr. Bird has codified elite blueprints, strategies, and frameworks into a 24-hour training, now a proven program to your Best Year Ever Every Year - For Life.

The 24-Hour Year draws from the newest neuroscience, sports psychology, philosophical principles, high performance physiology, robust theology; and gives rich resources, training videos, coaching calls, strategy sheets, results-driven goals, and practical how-to's to experience Your Best Year Ever Every Year For Life

Thousands of dollars are in this program and your investment pays huge dividends because the 24-hour Year transforms your life and years, placing you distinctly above mediocrity and ordinary. 

To sustained success.

This is more than "peak performance," where one rises to the top of his/her game for a short period of time. The 24-Hour Year includes peak performance training, but goes further so that you don't come down from the peak. 

Enjoy life at the highest of emotional, spiritual, physiological, and psychological levels. 

Dr. Aaron Bird's job is to Coach you to Your Best Year Ever Every Year For Life. One time entrance, lifetime access. To become a Champion in life. He and his team have the advanced training, specific strategies, and necessary techniques to work with people in their psychology, physiology, productivity, platform building, and performance to transform them so they experience their best year ever every year.

No more "yo-yo" performance where your life and career are up and down.

As a result of this program, you'll experience transformation at the Champions level.

In your relationships. In your career. You'll feel more alive, with abundant energy for your family and kids, teammates and colleagues, and ultimately for yourself and service to others.

What would your life be like when you experience your best year ever every year? 

People don't accidentally experience their best years every. But you can get there through the 24-Hour Year program. It's the secret of the super successful and happiest people in the world. 

You can reach your highest levels in everything you do over the long-term, starting today. 

Improve the quality of your life/business in every possible way for the rest of your life.

Experience Your Best Year Ever. Over and over again. Then you'll be able to help your team experience their best year ever. Your marriage will walk into it's best years ever. Your children will want more of you have.  Your business and organization will experience their best years. Just apply this training. 


The most comprehensive and in-depth training to strategically place you into your best year ever every year. Complete with training videos, rich resources, practical downloads, and Make it to the Top strategies -- all rolled out to you month after month for over a year! See below for your 16 months of modules.

Fast Track Your Success


High Performance Habits

Experience Your Best Year Ever Every Year - Success System

Purposefying Performance

The Champions Life Plan

10x Results and 10x Goals

Champion's Presence

Becoming 100%

Secrets to Abundance

A Winner's Mindset

Sustained Success



Brain Power

Destiny Map

Experience Life At The Top

This training will improve your life, team, family, and organization in every possible way because it'll give you your Best Year Ever Every Year. You get 24-hours of amazing training video content, a $400 value in bonus personal strategy coaching session, mentorship training from top success coach Aaron Bird, Ph.D., and new monthly training rolled out for over an entire year +. We're so confident this will improve your standing, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee 30-Day Risk Free. No questions asked. Now's your time to invest in your Best Year Ever Every Year. The 24-Hour Year is for you.