Without the Easter Story, there is no Christianity


Easter has a commercial side and a spiritual side.  Both are acceptable, of course.  The question is why is Easter such a big deal to Christians?  For them, it's bigger than the Superbowl, bigger than Christmas, and bigger than any one denomination.

The reason it's such a big deal to them is because it's all about GOOD NEWS of a God who loves humans so much that he demonstrates this love by sending his son, Jesus, to give his life for humanity.

But why? If God does exist, why not just let us know by writing something in the sky, show up in a convincing and palpable way, and/or make it plain for everyone to see?  Why did he choose to become a human being to demonstrate his love for everyone? 

The video answers the question via an Easter story.  

Christians have given a half-dozen theological answers over the past 2,000 years to this question, and none of them are mutually-exclusive.  The story is one of those answers.

Much love and Happy Easter,