The #1 Model for Life Fulfillment: The Reel of Life


Your life is like a movie and there are 8 crucial scenes in every Life-Movie.  Take a look at the 8 scenes and, without beating yourself up, ask yourself how you're doing in these life categories/scenes.

To improve on each scene, apply the strategies and tactics in the training we give you every week on our blog and YouTube channel. Before long, your Life-Movie will be a Masterpiece

Life's 8 scenes:
SCENE 1: MINDSET (fulfillment, thoughts, attitude, psychology)

SCENE 2: MARRIAGE (family, romance, love, dating)

SCENE 3: MISSION (focus, calling, work, productivity)

SCENE 4: MOOD (feelings, emotions, energy, aliveness)

SCENE 5: MORALS (faith, spirituality, worldviews, beliefs)

SCENE 6: MEDICAL (fitness, health, self-care, well-being)

SCENE 7: MONEY (finances, prosperity, lifestyle, abundance)

SCENE 8 MATES (friendship, colleagues, networking, neighbors)


Each week - aaron does his on Sunday evening - you can assess, on a scale of 1-10, how your Life-Movie is going. Then apply the practical strategies & advanced training from each video to improve your score the following week. Remember, though, you already have beautiful intrinsic value and are enough.  We can be enough and still improve in the categories.  Strive for an 8+ in each category.

Much love,


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