Clarity Course

When you join the Clarity Course you receive all the success solutions and practical strategies to have 100% clarity in every possible way.


The Clarity Course Modules You Get When You Join Today

The Clarity Chart

In this printable rich resource you'll get the best clarity strategies and their concise descriptions all put in one place. 


Game of Life 

Here is where Aaron reveals the 8 major areas of life, how to measure them in your life, and the exact steps for you to immediately improve them. You get your life score and action steps for what to do next so that you can improve your life in every possible way. 


Your New Wonderful State

Change your state, change your life. Aaron walks you through an incredible, life-changing strategy to achieve absolute clarity for anything at anytime. Friends, colleagues, and family will soon notice your new sense of clarity and confidence in life. 


Life Purpose & Your Big Why 

Aaron will show you how to discover your life purpose and reveal to you the clarity level strategy to move your life forward the fastest. Because of this module, your life will have purpose and clarity to achieve all that matters most to you. Your sense of motivation and inspiration will hit all new consistent heights.


Tapping Strategy

With the introduction of the tapping method, you'll learn how to use your body and meridians to gain clarity about what to do next. Even more, you'll become someone worth becoming with this incredible integration method. You'll discover the good life. 


Knowing God's Will

Aaron clears away the confusion about knowing and doing God's will. The discovery made here will shift and transform your circumstances.


Success Goals 

Aaron's success system is built upon the greats that came before him. Whenever you're looking for clarity for the really big things in your business or personal achievements, use this. It's designed to get you to the top. 



You are getting these clarity strategies and modules for life so that whenever you need clarity for anything, you can refer to them for what to do next. You'll always have immediate access to the best strategies for putting your best foot forward so that you maximize your potential and experience the greatest life results.

Get Clarity For Life

In the clarity modules Dr. Aaron Bird walks you through – step-by-step – exactly how to achieve clarity for anything, at anytime. It's individual specific - whether you're looking for clarity to create wealth, make a big move, find love, know your life purpose, pick a job, experience happiness, or make the next important decision. This training is the only thing you’ll need to successfully achieve clarity for best results. Never lack clarity again. Join today.