Step Into Your Future

Your Best Year Ever Benefits

A full year of coaching you to your Best Year Ever

Your coach will walk you through the life strategies and champions blueprint, as well as help you crush big goals and achieve even bigger dreams. It's designed to make it the best year of your life so that you can experience life at the top.  

Direct cell and email access to your Coach

Advanced Champions video coaching

Over a year's worth of video coaching is rolled out to you month by month to get you further, faster in accomplishing all that matters most to you. 

Live coaching Champion makeover

Get live, in-person coaching with Aaron.

Enrollment into all of Dr. Aaron Bird's courses

Aaron holds a Ph.D., has taught Grad students, undergrad students, and works with gradeschoolers. He knows how to break things down into applicable action steps for your success. In this program you get access to all of his training and courses. 

Pitch and marketing reviews

Trying to figure out what to do next? Have a plan, book proposal, or business/team strategy that needs a touch of success? You get it here.  


The most complete program to get you into your Best Year Every Year. Drawing form the newest neuroscience, sports psychology, philosophical principles, physiological performance, and theological advancements, you get the training videos, coaching calls, strategy sheets, results-driven goals, and practical how-to's to get you and/or your organization to the top. Most importantly, you get your own trained specialist to get you there. 

The way to improve your circumstances is to improve yourself. Thousands of dollars are in this program and your investment pays huge dividends because Designing Champions transforms you into the best at whatever you're doing in a sustained way, placing you distinctly above mediocrity and ordinary. Stop competing with others and start dominating yourself on your way to the top. 

To sustained success.

This is more than "peak performance," where one rises to the top of his/her game for a short period of time. Designing Champions includes peak performance training, but goes further so that you don't come down from the peak. 

Enjoy life at the highest of emotional, spiritual, physiological, and psychological levels. 

Dr. Aaron Bird's job is to Coach you to Your Best Year Ever. To become a Champion in life. He and his team have the advanced training, specific strategies, and necessary techniques to work with people in their psychology, physiology, productivity, platform building, and performance to transform them into Champions.

No more "yo-yo" performance where your life and career are up and down.

As a result of this program, you'll experience transformation at the Champions level.

In your relationships. In your career. You'll feel more alive, with abundant energy for your family and kids, teamates and colleagues, and ultimately for yourself and service to others.

Let's get you your best year ever and keep you there every year.

People aren't born Champions. But you can become one through the Designing Champions program. It's the secret of the super successful and happiest people in the world. 

You can reach your highest levels in everything you do over the long-term, starting today. 

Improve the quality of your life/business in every possible way for the rest of your life.

Experience Your Best Year Ever Every Year - For Life! Your career can soar. You can find financial freedom. Take your business to the top. Make your love life a masterpiece. Become a thought leader. Get in the greatest shape of your life - fast. Serve and love like a Champion. Create the value of a Champion. Have the heart of a Champion. The vision of a Champion. The humility and hunger of a Champion. Get in Champion shape, feel the motivation of a Champion, and create a Champion's life that makes a difference in the world. Experience Your Best Year Ever starting now.

The program includes VIP to Dr. Aaron Bird's Programs and Courses

"Aaron coached me through a huge career decision towards work driven by my paid passions. I didn’t need a Coach who would simply listen, acknowledge, or condone my current state–I needed one who would never let me accept excuses or justifications for not moving my life forward. Aaron is that kind of Leader and Coach–the one that raises the standards and pushes you to bring your 'impossible' dreams to reality. He might be a genius. Aaron helped me change my life story!"

Marie Chandler


The Designing Champions Coaching Program is a proven program designed to transform you into more and better - even if you're already a Champion - and get you into to the top (of your industry, relationship, faith, finances, fulfillment, league, business, etc.) so that you can experience all the success and significance that comes with Your Best Year Ever. Lose weight. Do work you love from wherever. Launch your business. Experience financial freedom. Get to the next level. Already a Champion? It shows you how to sustain the success at the top. You'll get Dr. Bird's best blueprint, success strategies, and practical performance to build greatness, become unstoppable, and experience life the way you want.

All Access Pass For Life To Designing Champion Training Modules

The most comprehensive and in-depth training to get you to the top. Complete with training videos, rich resources, practical downloads, and champions strategies -- all rolled out to you month after month for over an entire year! See below for your 16 months of modules.

Fast Track Your Success


High Performance Habits

The Champions Life Plan

Best Year Ever - Success System

Purposefying Performance

10x Results and 10x Goals

Champion's Presence



Brain Power

Destiny Map

Becoming 100%

Secrets to Abundance

A Winner's Mindset

Sustained Succcess

How to step into the Designing Champions Coaching Program

We understand investing in yourself is your best decision for you, your loved ones, and your future. As such, we've created a comprehensive program to get you to the top. Your journey continues with these friendly and free next steps:

Complete the Free Designing Champions Application

Spots are limited and it's not for everyone. The first step is to screen those who are serious about getting to the top. That's what this exclusive application is all about. 

Next step: Apply here

Free Coaching Strategy Session

Once you turn in your application, a Champions Coach will contact you to schedule a free strategy session with you. $400 free bonus.

Get to the Top

After your strategy session, you and your Coach will schedule your plan to get you to the top. Let the journey of your best year ever begin.