The Couples' Castle

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The Couples' Castle Book

Grab your copy today! What drives relationships in today's world is rapidly changing. The old days of treating the wedding ceremony with pixie dust and the be-all and end-all and providing four walls and a roof with dinner served promptly at 5:00p.m. aren't enough anymore. People want more... because there's more to be had. 

This book offers the relationship blueprint to experience the ultimate relationship, find the love of your life, and make your marriage a masterpiece - all within a fun and fast-paced narrative. Join the book's couples in their race through the castle's rooms to find a real modern-day version of happily ever after.


Adrianna Williamson

"If you're seeking the answers to having the ultimate relationship, look no further! Deep down, everyone wants their marriage and relationship to be a success, but it's hard to find the right guidance you need. Aaron's book covered it all. I'm so thankful for his book and for the truly life-changing experience it gave me!!"

Katlin Cox-Moore

"The Couples' Castle is a book that will stand the test of time."

"I LOVE the Couples' Castle book! No matter the stage of your relationship, the Couples' Castle is a must read! It pulled my heart, then showed me exactly what I need to do for the sake of our marriage. I'm truly grateful for this book."

Patty McMinn
Married 15 years, Mom of 4

"Ready for an adventure in relationships?  Couple's Castle takes you on a poignant clue hunt for a fresh perspective on self-evaluation and a grid to assess your marriage and relationships. Whether pre-, mid-, or post- relationship the reader will leave encouraged, motivated, and prepared for greater fulfillments. This book is awesome! "

Scott and Judy Reichard
Movie Producers, Authors, CPA, Philanthropists, 37 years married

"You will be drawn into the fictitious lives of the characters. Through their journeys in the Couples’ Castle you will discover ways to help your own relationship become all that it was intended to be. Whether you are just beginning a relationship or have been married decades there is something to be gleaned from the strategies discussed in this book."

Rod and Lisa Hoewing
Married 20 years

"Hands down the best book I’ve read on relationships."

Jonathan McMinn

"The Couples’ Castle is an instant hit! It is by far the best book on relationships I have ever read, and it's truly the go-to resource that should be read and experienced time and again."

Tiffany Barnett White
PhD, TEDx Talk Presenter, Award Winning Professor

"This book is truly inspiring and captivating from beginning to end. Wherever you are in your marriage, read this book!"

Skylur and Jessica Orwick
Job Title


Below are the additional levels of relationship mastery - whether to FIND THE ONE, date confidently, get engaged, and/or experience the ULTIMATE MARRIAGE in a real and modern-day version of happily ever after. The data shows that what matters most to human happiness and fulfillment is our relationships, our intimate one the most important. Yet, it's the least mastered. Now's your time.


Bring the power of the Couples' Castle to your organization: keynote, workshop, retreat, and training. Aaron Bird's (Ph.D.) humor, wit, and clarity of thinking gets you the strategies, solutions, and stories needed to get relationships to a world-class level. It'll be fun, entertaining, and an event your people will be talking about years later. Book him today and you'll give your organization an unforgettable experience in the Castle's rooms!

What could your life be with a Relationship Coach?

It's more than a book, deeper than a course, and more skilled than experience. As your coach, Aaron will get you into the ultimate marriage. Contact Aaron here for further details: [email protected]

"Aaron's training helped us get to the great marriage we experience today. We are more in love and in awe of each other now than ever before. Aaron doesn't just teach it, he and his wife lead by example. Their marriage is filled with lots of love and fun and we're thrilled to model them."

Jimmie and Julie Ellis

"Aaron's training is awesome! Worth every penny."

Nick and Jamie Duffy


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