Transform Your Mind and Life this year with the World-Class Curriculum of Personal & Professional Development Courses

People who experience mental health and life fulfillment do very specific things, all of which are inside this curriculum.

This Program is Designed to Get You From Where You Are To Where You Want to Be and Become The Person You've Always Wanted to Become. Your life will always only be as good as your mindset.

For the past 21 years I've been blessed to train leaders from 43 countries, speak to tens of thousands in arenas, and teach students in multiple Universities, and I discovered the #1 REASON for why PEOPLE GET STUCK...

Hello! I'm Aaron Bird,
In speaking, training, and listening to the stories of all these people, I noticed that although they held great intentions in their hearts, most remained stuck year after year.


They would tell me how they felt stuck in the same job, stuck in a mediocre marriage, stuck at the same level of income, stuck in a certain weight range, stuck, stuck, STUCK.


They felt overwhelmed, stressed out, and were looking for ways to get a mindset reset so they could be more consistently happy, satisfied, and live with extraordinary peace too. 
Waves of compassion flooded my heart for them because I was once there, and I'm always grateful when people share their stories with me. Their tears of frustration and struggle move me to serve and help get them unstuck.  
Years of staying stuck always came back to ONE REASON.
Because of this ONE OBVIOUS reason, ALL these people were struggling to breakthrough to their personal goals, successes, and dreams so that they and their families could live in ways that do mattered most to them.
Because so many people are stuck, it would seem there's no solution. Thankfully, there is.  


"I'm so thankful for Aaron's training, practical strategies, and the truly life-changing experience it gave me!" - Adrianna Williamson


So What Is The #1 Reason For Why People Are Stuck?

People do not know how to strategically get from where they are to where they want to be, and therefore remain stuck, because of their MINDSET & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PATTERNS.


People keep looking at outward circumstances and resources for help, rather than growing their resourcefulness from within. Their own patterns keep them stuck... in jobs they hate, marriages that have fizzled, and moods that yo-yo.  Confidence is low, pant sizes no where what they want, and their potential plateaued.  
The difference between people who remain stuck and those who get unstuck - in any area of life - is one's mindset and personal development patterns.


People don't rise to the level of their goals, resolutions, and dreams. They fall to the level of their mindset and personal development patterns.


"In just one talk, Aaron's practical strategies transformed me, my marriage, and my family tree. Aaron's training is life-changing!" - Kristie Swim

Those who get unstuck have more strategic patterns to personally and professionally develop themselves. They experience breakthroughs because they get consistent training with a specific path of mastery.
Those who remain stuck DABBLE with growth, attend the occasional conference, and listen to "some" podcasts. This is all interesting, but it's not real training and a path to life mastery or mindset transformation.  
Some of the stuck people I listened to did take an online course or two, but the courses were random and not fully developed into a world-class curriculum that gives a person life mastery. They read a book every now and then, but books aren't often blueprints one can use to transform one's life.
The common denominator for those who remained stuck: not one of them had a personal development curriculum for mindset and life mastery. 
So I often tell them, "Nothing will ever change until you change. You remain stuck year after year because your personal growth is stuck. If you want to transform your life and experience your breakthroughs... GET A PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT CURRICULUM that focuses on mindset and life mastery.  


All the greats knew this...

"The swiftest way to triple your success is to double your investment in personal development."

Robin Sharma
Best Selling Author and Leadership Expert

"There's no greater investment to make than in one's personal development."

Stephen Covey
Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"It’s the secret to separating yourself from the pack, the bridge that carries you toward the goals you have yet to reach. "

Success Magazine

"Income seldom exceeds personal development."

Jim Rohn
America's Foremost Business Philosopher

"Growth is the great separator between those who succeed and those who do not. When I see a person beginning to separate themselves from the pack, it’s almost always due to personal growth."

John Maxwell
World-renown Author and Speaker

Improve Your Personal Development Patterns or Forever Stay Stuck

So how does one best do that?

The data shows that a person needs:
1.   A Coach
2.  Curriculum
3.  Consistency
4.  Community
That's the blueprint to get unstuck and gives people their unfair advantage in life.
As such, I've spent several years creating an academy that gives you ALL FOUR ways in one platform. After talking with all these people on the road, I decided to unlock the vault and roll my library of online courses into one academy, saving you years and money, so that you can get further, faster and finally get unstuck so that you and your family can live the life that matters most to you.
Having gone through undergraduate school, Ph.D., and the hard knocks of business life, as well as professional training in professional coaching, I know a solid curriculum when I see one, and better yet, I've put a world-class personal and professional development curriculum together for your breakthroughs and growth.  
When taught in the University, EACH course sells for thousands of dollars, but I'm unlocking them ALL - an ENTIRE new course rolled out to you EVERY month -- to those who want mindset and life mastery this year.  
And I'm going to make this easier for you...

People who experience mental health and life fulfillment do very specific things, all of which are inside this curriculum.

Get the World-Class Curriculum of Personal Development Courses, Starting Right Now for Only $1...

12 Courses Sent To You

This isn't fluff.  This is a full, in-depth ACADEMY designed to give you Mindset & Life Mastery. Not just a new video or module each month, but a new TRAINING COURSE that will help you go further, faster -> Advanced -> Once-in-a-Lifetime -> Personal Mastery. When you transform, everything transforms for the better.

I provide you with the coaching/mentoring, curriculum,, consistency, and community needed to get you unstuck and reach your breakthroughs this year.  

Again, people pay thousands for each course in the University.  And this isn't simply "academic" talk.  It's real, raw, and practical - to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  And because I'm bundling them together in one program, you SAVE BIG with a $1 trial.


Just $1, get immediate access to these 3 courses right now!

Mental health is real. Life fulfillment can happen. People who experience these things do very specific things, all of which are in this curriculum.

Best Year Ever - Every Year (Normally $297)

Immediate Access Now For $1

What do the top 3% do to experience their best year - every year? This 5-week course gives you the life plan, success and goal-setting systems to experience your best year ever and more to reach your potential and achieve amazing levels of health, wealth, and happiness while doing what matters most to you.

The Purpose-Driven Life (Normally $297)

Immediate Access Now For $1

People don't burn out, they lose their purpose. If you want to wake up every day with enthusiasm and excitement, this is your course. This is a 5-week online course that shows you exactly how to find your Life Purpose, do your Life's Work, get your BIG Why's, and Purpose-Driven practical strategies to a fulfilling life.

100% Clarity Course (Normally $197)

Immediate Access Now For $1

This is three hours of training on how to get clarity for what to do next, how to make the BEST mental decisions, what it takes to maximize your life, how to discern God's will, and live with great energy and joy. Brian Tracy says the three keys to high achievement are, 'Clarity, Clarity, Clarity, and accounts for 80% of success and happiness.'

EVEN MORE, you get a NEW online course from me, EVERY month!

Every 1st of the month, you get ANOTHER new personal development course, each course forming your world-class curriculum of Mindset & Life Mastery for you to take at your own pace.

PLUS, You Get LIVE Training

LIVE Monthly Mindset & Life Mastery Training

Every month, we go LIVE to give you the most cutting edge mindset & life mastery training to help you reach your breakthroughs. Training, Q & A, and a community of like-minded people looking to maximize their lives together. This is coaching and mentoring at it's best.  This LIVE training is in addition to the world-class curriculum you already receive. I stay with you to ensure you experience mindset mastery, reach your breakthroughs, and live with life mastery.

What Else Do I Get?

At just $1 now, you get the 3 complete courses mentioned above. Then, after you stay with us for the 5 day trial, you get automatically billed a discounted $47 per month. That gets you the LIVE coaching, world-class curriculum, needed consistency, and new course every 1st of the month. Cancel anytime.

Here's how the courses come to you in your first 9 months with us:


The Confidence Course (normally $197)

This life-changing 10-week module course gives you the needed psychological and physical confidence to be anyone and do anything.


Irresistible Influence Course (normally $297)

Inside this course are the blueprints, strategies, and to-do's that you can use to get others to BELIEVE in you, BUY from you, and BECOME better versions of themselves because of you.  Anyone who wants to influence herself and others - speakers, parents, coaches, negotiators, leaders, and spouses - will richly benefit from the strategies and blueprints in this course. 


High Performance Habits Course (normally $87)

This course shows you how the highest-performing of the peak performers reach their potential. You get the habits and patterns to grow, overcome any obstacle, and achieve tremendous levels of success. It's packed with 4 hours of specific habits and strategies to help you win in life and work


Winning With Worldviews Course (normally $587)

Inside everyone's head is a worldview.  How do you relate to the person with a different worldview than you - when they are your neighbor, client, or friend? After working with people from 43 countries, and teaching worldviews courses in the University, I share with you how to RELATE and WIN with people with the following worldviews: Christian Theism, Islamic Theism, Buddhism, Naturalism, Nihilism, Existentialism, Nationalism, Postmodernism, and New Age. Never walk away from a conversation with a person of a different worldview frustrated again. Instead, you'll gain lasting friendships, new clients, and life-long respect.


Happiness Course (normally $47) 

11 life-transforming trainings to help you become happier in every area of your life every single day from now on. 


Mindset, Motivation, and Mood Mastery (never before revealed separately!)

Mindset reset time, at anytime. Get the strategies right here! Plus get equipped with the growth mindset and how to help those in a fixed mindset transition to a growth mindset.  And why is no one training on how to level up one's MOOD so that we are happier, healthier, and more fruitful with clients, family, and friends? You get theat here: the science based strategies to transform your biology so that you are in a great mood most of the time. PLUS all the motivation you need! This course gives you all of that and more, setting you up to win BIG time in life.


Prolific Productivity Program (normally $197) 

Become a productive powerhouse in your niche areas. The strategies and productive frameworks in this program are how people cement their legacy, scale their business, and transform their lifestyle.  


Ultimate Relationship Experience (normally $297)

 The quality of our lives are determined by the quality of our relationships. This program shows you how to experience the ultimate romantic relationship. By the end of this course you'll have the secrets and strategies to create, reinvent, and/or renew any relationship you desire.


The Passion Platform Program (normally $497)

This 5-module program sets you up to Make A Full-Time Living Doing What You Love. By the end of this program, you'll have your passion and the step-by-step strategy to make a full-time living doing what you love online and otherwise.  

"Aaron is the best speaker and trainer I have ever heard. Period." - Jon Adam, Technology Leader, Procter & Gamble

My friends, that covers what the data shows we need to get unstuck and reach breakthrough after breakthrough!  We've formed the one academy for you in Mindset and Life Mastery Academy where you'll transform your personal and professional development patterns and get:

1.  The Coaching. I coach and mentor the top leaders and stars in the world and I'm going to be here coaching you in all your brilliance.

2.  The Community. To go faster, go alone; to go further, get a community.

3.  The Consistency. Every month you get a new course, building for you the #1 personal development program in on your computer in the world, and you go at your pace.

4.  The Curriculum. You get the world-class curriculum, a path of mindset and life mastery. Monthly course, Live Training, Coaching.  

It begins now, with $1.


Your offer expires in...









One New Personal Development Course Every Month, Beginning Now for $1

You're getting the coaching, curriculum, consistency, and community at a fraction of the normal cost. Get unstuck. Reach Your breakthrough. Do more of what matters most to you. This is the only training you'll need to transform this year. Now's your time and I'll see you on the other side!

Cancel Anytime!

Get 3 courses now for just $1. After the 5 day trial, it's only $47 per month for a NEW course every month, LIVE monthly mindset and life mastery training, (it automatically renews if you don't cancel within your first 5 days.) and you can cancel anytime!


Or you can save even more - over $600! - with the annual option. Here, you get the same 3 courses now for just $1. After the 5 day trial, it's $487/annual for everything that's included in the monthly option (automatically renews with even more training if you choose not to cancel at the end of the year). So in this option, you get the 3 courses plus a NEW course every month, LIVE monthly mindset and life mastery training, and you save over $600!


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