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World-Class Couples Academy

When you join World-Class Couples Academy today you get:


Join World-Class Couples Academy to get the #1 training for getting the ultimate marriage this year. It's the most comprehensive program on relationships in the world and gives you everything you need for a happily ever after in today's world. I'll do my part and stay with you to help you reach your own ultimate marriage. I'll see you on the other side. It's your time!

Here's some of what you'll see inside the program:


  • How to become irresistibly attractive
  • How to get noticed
  • The person of your dreams
  • How to find, date, and marry the right person
  • The Red Flags you MUST avoid & the Steps you MUST take
  • How to get on the same page with your man/woman
  • Roles you play and what to do
  • Shared Core Values, Here's How
  • Secrets to relational happiness
  • How to pick the right partner
  • Here's what determines the quality of your relationship
  • Never settle. Here's what to do instead.


  • Strategies for Chemistry
  • Super strategies to sizzle
  • Compatibility issues
  • Pizza Principle and Wedding framework
  • What men and women find attractive
  • World-class chemistry
  • Standards
  • Getting to an 8+ feeling
  • Turn ons and turn offs
  • Ladies, support your man


  • Decoding opposite sex talk
  • Feeling important
  • Getting results
  • What both need
  • Guaranteeing it'll work
  • Just love me
  • Connecting the dots
  • Your beautiful lives
  • The #1 Tell of a healthy relationship
  • Help! We don't share interests anymore
  • What women are thinking about
  • Why she wants to talk
  • How to get him to WANT to do what you want
  • Rules of engagement that work
  • When personalities collide
  • How to build trust


  • Win her heart! Here's how.
  • Top tips and strategies to impress her
  • Go get the girl (even how to re-win your spouse)
  • What she wants
  • Whisper this and how to get her passionate for you
  • Your princess: what she's secretly thinking
  • How to get him to have eyes only for you
  • What he really wants
  • Workaholics & Porn
  • This gets him to roll out the red carpet for you
  • When he WANTS to connect
  • Triggers that'll make him want to win the world for you
  • Becoming best friends
  • The gift he'll keep for life
  • Sex
  • The Bedroom
  • Emotional sex
  • Trying new things
  • Exciting sex


  • How to get your finances right
  • How to spend money as a couple
  • Love or money?
  • Abundance and prosperity
  • Relationships and finances
  • Separate or joint checking accounts
  • Show me the money
  • How to start over
  • How to expand your network and net worth
  • Message to men: man up
  • How to handle financial struggles

On the speaking circuit, Aaron is paid over $1,000 for each training. There are 68 trainings here in WCCA - and always adding more according to members' requests! Each training aims to get you the ultimate marriage. WCCA is the most comprehensive training on relationships, and the only one you'll ever need.


2.  LIVE relationship training group coaching every month (Value $1,123) 

  • Aaron stays with you to help you get the ultimate marriage. Every month, we jump online together where Aaron trains on a relationship topic and interacts with questions and gives help.
  • Ask Aaron your questions, get individual guidance!
  • You get the latest and best-working relationship strategies to get the ultimate marriage.


3.  Companion Compatibility Implementation Guide (Value $187)

  • This guide gets you ON THE SAME PAGE. Even if you don't feel like you're on the same page, or if you want to go to a whole new level of compatibility and chemistry... THIS IS YOUR SOLUTION!
  • Aaron coaches, counsels, and mentors individuals/couples/marriages with the pre/marital compatibility guide and questionnaire.  You'll use this to understand the person you're with so that you can love each other with an unrelenting and uncommon love that everyone longs for.  


4.  BONUS #1: Two tickets tuition waivers to World-Class Couples Academy LIVE Event! (Value $497 each)

  • It's here you get the personal touch and guidance to become successful in getting the ultimate marriage. Aaron spends personal time coaching, training, and equipping you with all the best practices and resources so that you leave confident to experience success. It's also a gathering of other awesome people looking to get the ultimate marriage!  Meet new people, learn from others, and make life-long friendships with great people who are all striving to have the ultimate marriage.
  • It's where Aaron gives you the practical strategies and best practices to get the ultimate marriage while networking with new friends who will help you get there. Your network is your net worth in so many ways: get to this Live Event! Plus data shows that immersion training is the best to move your life forward faster: get to this Live Event!
  • Our next LIVE event is February 13-15 2020 (location details sent to you in follow up). Your tuition is waived (you save $994), and there's a one-time separate $97 materials fee per guest should you want to attend.


5.  BONUS #2: Access to The Confidence Course (Value $297)

  • Includes EIGHT weeks of training on how to have unstoppable confidence. 
  • It includes the top tips, super-strategies, and exact phrases to say in order to have maximum confidence. 
  • So much of your relationship life will always come back to confidence. Getting this right is everything and this course gets you there!


6.  BONUS #3: Makeover Coaching Call with Dr. Aaron Bird (Value $397)

  • Get a relationship makeover! This is the one-on-one coaching that'll get you there faster! The personal coaching call is scheduled first come, first serve, and is open to all annual members.



  • You can cancel anytime and the next subscription will stop.  Cancel anytime. If you cancel, you lose access to your membership. You can cancel by writing/emailing us anytime with your request by replying to any of our emails or writing [email protected]


Join others today who are getting their ultimate marriage this year.


What People Are Saying:

“Aaron breathes inspiration.”

Christina Frye

“Dr. Bird's training is the best ever!”

Jon Adam

“We discovered Aaron before we were married and are so thankful for Aaron's relationship teaching and book. It changed our lives!!”

Dalton & Adrianna Williamson

“Aaron Bird is trustworthy and the real deal!”

Joni Brown

“Aaron's training is worth every penny!”

Nick & Jamie Duffy

“Aaron's training got us from single to dating to engaged to marriage. His principles and training got our marriage to where it is today - in love with each other and in awe of each other. Grateful!”

Jimmie & Julie Ellis