Inspiring. Motivating. Results.

If Aaron doesn't get you the results you're looking for, you get a full refund, no questions asked.

WHY?!?! Because he knows the success of your event depends in large part on the quality of your speakers.

Aaron's responsible for leading his own seminars, retreats, and groups that bring in other speakers and when they knock it out of the park, the event's amazing.

To that end, your audience will leave energized to promote and grow your organization.

Aaron's Most Requested Topics

Topics are customizable to meet the needs of your organization so that your audience gives you and your organization a standing ovation by the time Dr. Bird is finished speaking. He can deliver these topics as a keynote or a workshop (half-day and full-day seminar versions).

Each of these topics have been presented to a wide array of audiences--churches, realtors, business consultants, university students and staff, corporations, non-profits, financial planners, moms groups, relationship conferences and retreats, seminars, and conferences. The outcomes and strategies are tailored accordingly always with practical, actionable steps and strategies to implement immediately. 

Life Plan

How to design the life you've always wanted and achieve all that matters most to you. You'll get a framework to live life well and receive actionable and practical steps to implement.

Couples Castle

Whether you're wanting to experience the ultimate relationship, find/keep the love of your life, and/or make your marriage a masterpiece, here is the relationship blueprint to make it happen.

10x Growth

The proven system and actionable steps to get you and/or your organization's breakthroughs to grow and expand with explosive and real results. For those wanting themselves and their organization to grow. 

High Performance

Practical strategies to high-growth, high-impact, and high-performance culture with sustained success. Work and life will elevate to a sustainable high performance level.

Designing Champions

As a result of this inspiring talk/workshop, you'll build greatness, become unstoppable, and experience life at the top. All actionable and practical steps to implement. 

Best Year Ever

Get the total action blueprint for how to achieve what matters most. Get the game-changing strategies, methods for fast results, and the success roadmap. As a result, you'll experience your best year - every year.

God and You

How prayer works. Why bad things happen to good people when there's a good God. If there's a heaven and hell, and what they're like. How to unify world religions without giving up beliefs. What God's will is. Why we exist.  


After Aaron's finished speaking, the audience will fall more in love with your organization, walk away inspired, and implement practical strategies that'll improve both their own lives and your organization... or your money back.

What You Can Expect

1.  Extraordinary care for you and your audience.

2.  Personal phone consultation prior to your event, so we know exactly what you want.

3.  Professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.

4.  Free marketing and publicity from Aaron on social media. 

5.  Free online resources for your attendees.

6.  Follow-up after the event to make sure you and your attendees are still excited.


"Aaron Bird is the best I've ever heard."

Jon Adam
Proctor & Gamble

"Aaron breathes inspiration."

Christina Frye
YMCA Group Fitness Manager

"Aaron blew our organization away. We were still raving about his talk one year later and we've found massive success in implementing his strategies."

Don Green
President of Lincoln Christian University

To contact Aaron Bird about Interviews and Speaking Inquiries

Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

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Thank you. Your event is important and support staff will be in touch as soon as they can. Much love.