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Meet Aaron & Pandy

Aaron and his wife, Pandy, in the 7th grade at their first dance.

They started dating in the 7th grade - where she's taller than he is! - and have discovered a deep and passionate love ever since. The bottom pic is their freshman year in college. Mop hair! They are the love of each other's lives.  


A little flirting while visiting their home town in which they started dating. A Bird Cage for a couple of love birds.

Tough Times 

It hasn't always been a bed of roses for us. We all have some growing up to do and we're no different. We have our share of scars and sadness. But we came through it, thanks to the right plan and relationship strategies. 

All because 2 people fell in love. 

That's the Bird Family. PDA - GAG! They build their entire marriage, family, and lives around the phrase MUCH LOVE. They know their relationship is the most important thing, and that affects everything else. Get that right and it makes the kids better, work better, life better.

After coaching thousands of couples, performing wedding ceremonies, speaking in his relationship seminars, and writing his new book, The Couples Castle, Aaron formed ...

World-Class Couples Academy for Singles to help you find the love of your life, date confidently, and get engaged to the person of your dreams. You can have more for your life.



How to Prepare and Position Yourself + the Dating Playbook in how to Find the Right Person, Date Confidently, and Get Engaged

Dr. Aaron Bird shows you how to find the right one, date confidently, and get engaged to the person of your dreams. Videos and rich resources included.


Become Irresistibly Attractive

On a scale of 1-10, Aaron gives you the standards and frameworks to reach a consistent 9 so that you'll attract other 9's and 10's to your life. Videos and downloads included.


The Love of Your Life

Dr. Aaron Bird shows you the secrets and strategies to experience the ultimate relationship with the person of your dreams. Videos and rich resources included.


How to Win a Woman's Heart & Keep it!

See how to "get the girl." Get a peek inside the woman's brain, if you dare, and learn exactly what she wants. Discover what to whisper and how to ignite her passion for you. Get the ultimate secrets and strategies of what women want in a guy. Videos and rich resources included.


How to Win a Guy's Heart & Keep it! 

Porn, workaholics, and egos - now's your opportunity to finally understand him and make him crazy for you. Apply these strategies & he'll roll out the red carpet for you. Sneak a peek into his brain, if you dare, and get the ultimate secrets and strategies of what guys want in a woman. Videos and rich resources included.


The Super-Strategies

In this module, Dr. Bird hands you the ultimate strategies and secret solutions to spark the romance and relationship you're longing for. Videos and rich resources included.


Now what?

You got the special someone in your life now. Yes!  In this module Dr. Bird coaches you to the next steps so that you can experience a modern-day happily ever after with the love of your life. Videos and rich resources included.

"Aaron made us laugh, cry, and strengthen our love beyond our imaginations. We feel beyond blessed to have received his training. He also made us sound like rock stars at our wedding ha ha! "

Chris & Gracie Devlin
World-Class Couple

"Aaron's principles and training helped us get our marriage to where it is today - in love with each other and in awe of one another. Aaron doesn't just teach it, he and Pandy also lead by example. Their marriage is filled with lots of love and fun and we're thrilled to model them. "

Jimmy and Julie Ellis
World-Class Couple

"Aaron's coaching was awesome. Worth every penny."

Nick & Jamie Duffy
World-Class Couple

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Now's your time. Wherever you are on the relationship journey. Get coached by Dr. Aaron Bird who's found the love of his life, created the ultimate relationship experience, and is living an authentic happily ever after with his wonderful wife and family. You can find the right one for you and date confidently so that you get engaged and marry the right person. Now's your time to get the relationship blueprint and solutions to create a magnificent relationship with that special someone. We all know that the most important thing in our lives is our most intimate relationship. It affects our happiness, income, health, and kids. World-Class Couples Academy for Singles is your best opportunity finding the right one, dating confidently, and getting engaged to the person of your dreams.