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Meet Aaron & Pandy

Aaron and his wife, Pandy, in the 7th grade at their first dance.

They started dating in the 7th grade - where she's taller than he is! - and have discovered a deep and passionate love ever since. The bottom pic is their freshman year in college. Mop hair! They are the love of each other's lives, dated, got engaged, and are now happily married.   


A little flirting while visiting their home town in which they started dating. A Bird Cage for a couple of love birds.

Tough Times 

It hasn't always been a bed of roses for us. We all have some growing up to do and we're no different. We have our share of scars and sadness. But we came through it, thanks to the right plan and relationship strategies. 

All because 2 people fell in love. 

That's the Bird Family. PDA - GAG! They build their entire marriage, family, and lives around the phrase MUCH LOVE. They know their relationship is the most important thing, and that affects everything else. Get that right and it makes the kids better, work better, life better.

After coaching thousands of couples, performing wedding ceremonies, speaking in his relationship seminars, and writing his new book, The Couples Castle, Aaron formed ...

World-Class Couples Academy Total Package - that rolls up all his relationship training for singles, dating, and marriage into one amazing program - to help singles find the RIGHT PERSON, get noticed, date with confidence, become engaged, make their marriage a masterpiece so they can experience a genuine happily ever after in the ultimate marriage.



We help you identify what YOU want in your marriage, roles you both could play, and most importantly getting you guys on the SAME PAGE in life, love, and work. 


How to Experience the Ultimate Fulfillment with Your Spouse. The chemistry and burning desire you once had is possible EVERY WEEK of your marriage and we show you how to get it back. 


Let's get that sizzle and sauce back into the marriage. Cuddling, sex, and intimacy are important parts of any marriage, so let's make hot happen!


How to woo and win her heart and smile everyday!

Now that you've dated or been married for awhile, can you really keep the chemistry and fire burning? Absolutely. Get a peek inside the woman's brain and learn exactly what she wants from you and how it'll make her crazy for you. Get the ultimate secrets and strategies of what women want in a guy. Videos and rich resources included.


How to keep him desiring you and only you! 

You've heard it said that all guys are cheats. This isn't true. You just need to know what he really wants (it's probably not what you think). Now's your opportunity to finally understand him and make him crazy for you. Apply these strategies & he'll roll out the red carpet for you. Sneak a peek into his brain and get the ultimate secrets and strategies of what guys want in a woman. Videos and rich resources included.


Couples argue and divorce for many reasons, and cash money sits at the time. Learn the most important strategies to get on the same page when it comes to building wealth, spending wealth, and giving wealth.


Make Your Marriage a Masterpiece

In this module Dr. Bird coaches you to the next steps so that you can experience a modern-day happily ever after with the love of your life. Videos and rich resources included.

"Aaron made us laugh, cry, and strengthen our love beyond our imaginations. We feel beyond blessed to have received his training. He also made us sound like rock stars at our wedding ha ha! "

Chris & Gracie Devlin
World-Class Couple

"Aaron's principles and training helped us get our marriage to where it is today - in love with each other and in awe of one another. Aaron doesn't just teach it, he and Pandy also lead by example. Their marriage is filled with lots of love and fun and we're thrilled to model them. "

Jimmy and Julie Ellis
World-Class Couple

"Aaron's coaching was awesome. Worth every penny."

Nick & Jamie Duffy
World-Class Couple

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Get coached by Dr. Aaron Bird who's found the love of his life, created the ultimate relationship experience, and is living an authentic happily ever after with his wonderful wife and family. He can help you experience the amazing relationship you long for. We all know that the most important thing in our lives is our most intimate relationship because it affects our happiness, income, health, and kids. Your heart follows your investment every time and World-Class Couples Academy is your opportunity to get the ULTIMATE MARRIAGE this year.